Deliver the best eCommerce experience to your customers

The B2C Solution from ORION seamlessly links the full stack of services - from back-office expertise to customer-facing front-end capabilities. It enables you to customise your online store to perform to its fullest potential for a more satisfying customer experience. 

What is the B2C Solution from ORION capable of?
*  Ensures seamless warehouse management and order tracking
*  Packed with powerful functionalities such as shipping weight calculation, unlimited categories and products, and discount coupon system
*  Enabled by secure payment gateways
*  Provides real-time information
*  Facilitates multi-channel collaboration that leads to higher revenues and profitability
B2C Solution from ORION Brochure
A globally trusted partner to more than 800 customers with over 1,000 installations and 50,000+ users